Wednesday, January 16, 2008


hello everybody!
and welcome to freeville
i have been running for ages

from people
from loneliness
from riots
from silence
from chains
from independence
from chores
from nothingness
from the past
from the future
from care
from indifference
from doubts
from knowledge
from the world

and more than anything else...

from myself

but now i am tired.. so here i am in my little bubble in freeville... where i can be whatever i want to be.. do whatever i want to do and be wherever i want to be..

one place i won't have to run from
i hope this would at last help me fill the void that is me..

to many posts of freedom and wishes..
to living my dreams and burying my nightmares
to letting out the dreamer the desirer the traveler

to my blog!!!