Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dead pain

I feel a gentle thump in my foot where his knee had crushed it blue

I feel a soft coolness where the wind from the overhead fan is drying the trailing tears

I feel a numbed warmth as fresh blood flows out of my crumpled fingers

I feel a dull sensation in my head where the hair were pulled out of their roots

I feel a bubble burst as blood boils out of my right ear

I feel a smoky burn near my navel where a new cigarette mark joined the scores before

Of pain, indignity, injustice.. I feel Nothing

These are dead bodies I buried years ago in a lonely grave.. along with love, trust and pride
A grave with no flowers.. A grave with no care.. A grave i no longer visit, to mourn

I raise myself by my good arm and stagger to the kitchen, mentally calculating the time it would take to cook his favourite dinner... stumbling on my torn skirt.. shivering in mid step.. careful not to wake him up, as he shifts in his drunken slumber..