Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cat in a Hat..

Today, i was a just a lazy cat.
I lay all day in my warm spot in the sun..
curled up into a comfortable ball..
snoring away to glory in my faded old hat.

yawning and napping.. stretching and mewing
sleepy.. but content..

I didn't even feel like running away from my adopted home.. which was a surprise, considering how bored and neglected i have been feeling lately.
My adopted human family is on vacation you see.. off to some place called Goa. From what i picked up from their conversations, its full of sand. My friend Agusto, who lives in the neighborhood dustbin and knows everything about everything, told me that sands are in some rough dry place called a desert, which is so hot that it gives you bubbling blisters on your skin and your fur just wilts... The very thought of it had me jumping out of my adorable little bristles almost fell off with fright..
I wonder why anyone would want to go to a place like that for a vacation... :sigh: ...humans and their strange ideas. I almost ran away again, when i heard one of the human kittens fighting to take me along too. Thank God her parents refused.

Anyway, coming back to today, i had a glorious day , though had a bit of a low moment towards the evening as i missed out on my luscious bowl of evening milk, 'coz that double crossing minx of a maid has been stealing it for herself ever since the owners left.
Grrrhhhh.. i wish i could think of some way of getting her fired.. :x :x :x

But this little loss was more than made up for by the delicious leftover chilli-chicken Agusto stole for me from that big red brick house at the end of the alley.. yumm... i can still feel the tempting aroma and my taste buds are still doing ballet, thanks to that spicy tangy flavour.. it was almost sinful.. :sigh: :sigh:
Thank God for friends, otherwise that mean maid would have starved me to death already.

Anyway, i have shifted my hat under the old ambassador in the shed, which is my usual sleeping place in the winters, and the very thought of my warm tickly inviting bed is turning me drunk drowsy..
so off i go... goodnight..sleep tight.. don't let the bad dogs yipe :D :D :D

meow meow!!