Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bicycle of life..

The watch on his hand struck 11:30 pm.
The street was empty as was expected in any small town at this ungodly hour.
She felt a sharp prick at the back of her hand as a spirited mosquito plunged its sharp suckers into his soft skin and drank its full
The street light flickered and then pooof.., it was gone, plunging them into a pale pearly world, where the full moon was a great overflowing beacon and the stars its tiny companions..
A single furrow of sweat flowed down his leg as he prepared to strike the pedal on the shiny black bicycle. She clutched him around the waist, her breath coming out in scared whispers, as she balanced precariously on the wobbly carrier. He pushed his foot forward and struck the pedal nervously. The bicycle lurched a little and they whooped as they almost lost their balance. But then his feet were kicking the pedal faster and off they went, two little kids learning to ride a bike again. The bike gained speed, and the breeze flew through their hair sweeping out the fear and the nervousness. It started with a giggle and then turned into a full bodied laugh as his guffaaw joined her tinkle, dangerously shaking their fragile little ride. But there was no stopping them as they took a graceful curve around the park, zigzagging on the milky road, whistling up at the dancing stars. He began singing an old romantic number for her, she blushed and lowered her head to his shoulder shyly, hugging him tighter and giving him a little peck. He whispered something to her and then they were both laughing again, completing their little circle around the dark dense park.. they got off the bike. He took her hand and raised it gently to his lips, sighing "you know, ever since I met you I have wanted to ride a bicycle, with you in the back holding on to me just like this.. finally.." She smiled up at him in that way only people in the first throes of love smile and they walked hand in hand back to the gate.. two people radiating young love's innocent pink glow..
She is 45 and he is 49 and they have been married for over 22 years.. and after all these years their love has only grown younger. They are crazier about each other than many of my "madly-in-love " young friends.. They are the reason I am such a hopeless romantic 'coz they are the reason I believe that one day I'll love someone just as crazily and be loved just as much in return.. they are my parents...

PS: Congos dad for finally having fulfilled your long due wish and for making it so perfect for mom and thanks both of you for making me realize how important the little things in life are and how fulfilling it is to let go of fear and doubt and to give ourselves so wholly to someone else. I love you both more than I can ever tell you..