Monday, April 7, 2008

I am so lonesome I could cry...

Tonight.. I am so lonesome I could cry...

I got two shocks today.. the first one was about a very close friend.. he is going through a very very tough time, everything that he built his life around is falling to pieces.. and no matter how much I want to comfort him and tell him not to worry.. to tell him that it will be ok.. I know there is nothing I can do and I don't have words to describe how frustrating that is..

I see him there, kneeling helpless pain
I see his tears falling to the ground vain
I see the demons attacking packs
I see his blood spilling
..through cracks
I see his last breath wheeze out defeat
I see him die my feet
and like a statue I stand still
from my little safe bubble
watching the demons eat there fill
unseen tears fall blinded from my eyes
stopping at the invisible boundary
fate has built with my unheard sighs

the second was that my dad is leaving tomorrow for four months.It was so sudden.. I mean he told me today after dinner, and I just get to meet him for half an hour tomorrow and then he'll be gone :(
I'll miss him so much.. now I too need that party tomorrow to cheer me up :(
As Elvis Presley would have said..
I am so lonesome I could cry...


Ok guys, so a couple of my friends in bloggerwille have been down for some time now, so I decided to throw a party to perk them up and have some rocking fun
so all of you are invited tomorrow to my shoutbox to pop some beers dance away to glory and yes the best part.. gappofy till u drop!!!


so guys don't forget to bring your party hats.. and yes you can bring along as many of your blogger friends as you like.. aaaah and yes don't forget to bring food, booze and music along too :D
in case the shoutbox gets too crowded, we can always shift the venue to the comments section of this post
aaah yes, this story too has a slight twist... one of my friends is in USA and there was only one time which was convenient for all of us and it was... 6:30 am in the morning(IST)
so it will be an early morning party.. ok before all the lazybags(including me) start screaming.. guys think!! what better way to start the day than with dance, food, booze and making new friends
c'mon be a sport and and wake up early this once and make this party a success and I promise if there is a great response i'll hold another one, but at more lazy-bag friendly timings :D
so be there!!!

VENUE: Freeville
TIME: 6:30am
PS: guys don't forget the picture dedications are still on here. You can dedicate any message u want to anyone in the blogger world.. just say it with a picture :)tc
c you guys 2mrw :)