Tuesday, January 22, 2008

automatic :D

Hmmm... so what was I today...??

Today, I was a little black and yellow auto-rikshaw going down the bumpy road on my three sturdy wheels..

There i go scaring away all those big fat shiny cars in my way, with my grrrhhh grrrhhhh putt putt grrrrhhh putt grrhhhh...!!!
Did you see them squeal and run right out of the way..??
aaaah.. its some mighty roar i have, you see :D

And how could anyone have missed my royal black wings, as they billowed out on either side of me with each gust of wind, welcoming the icy cold wind inside, like a man invites a new breath into his body, to cleanse out the staleness left by the last

So off i went, roaming from dawn to dusk.. guzzling down the igniting tempting diesel, whenever my spirits were low.. going from one end of the city to the other..

Started off my day with the smelling stinking slums, with their open gutters and bumpy roads, with more potholes than asphalt on them. :sigh: What a pain in the axles they gave me :sigh:
And the kids in these areas... ufff the parents have neither the money to send them to school nor the time to look after them.. and all they do all day, is run from one end of the road to the other..
One of these little things almost came under me today.. thank God!! I had gotten new brakes a couple of days back.. else it would have been one kid less on that street, not that the rest would have remembered him for more than a week. But who is to blame them.. they are taught that life is tough and losses are just too regular a part of it, so they learn to live with them at a very young age..

Well, coming back to my excursions today..
So i somehow managed to get out of the slime of the city, without much slime on my shiny black bumpers, and headed towards the other end.. the road of malls, with its high rise buildings and multi-block malls, with neon displays and bright lights. Some of the buildings, i have heard, have something called flats, where men live. I have seen them sometimes, peeping out of the hanging tongues of their flats. I think i heard someone call these tongues balconies. Anyway, i zipped along, on the road, which was smooth as butter, competing with long sleek cars and fast gleaming bikes.. the best part of this road was, of course, that it had many many red lights which gave me ample rest and a chance to look at the beautiful flats on either side... but somehow these lights always made my customers very grumpy.. i don't understand why they don't appreciate the chance for a breather...

So just like this, i travelled the city, with the wind in my wings and a fire in my engine.. cruising along, taking my passengers a little further in the ride of their lives.

It was fun watching my shadow run behind me to catch up and to watch the road slide right under me, like life slides by never to be lived again it seems, only to be revisited the very next day, with some new passenger in the backseat and a new song playing on the FM...

PS: took this picture myself, of a moving auto from a moving car