Thursday, April 3, 2008

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Devil

Hello there..

I am your friendly neighbourhood devil..

No friend no lover,

is safe from my seed of evil

I bitch and I cry

and out comes my wicked laugh

as in anger I see u fry

With a swirl of my black staff

I can bring your world to a stupendous halt

I am behind every brag every rumour,

made bloody with that tinge of crimson salt

Aaaah.. Now don't you enjoy my chocolaty humour??

As I temp and I seduce

with the flutter of an eye or the swish of a skirt

your desire comes alive like fire on melting ice

With dangers many I make you flirt

I make you dream the wildest dreams

(and with a quirk of my smile,)

your worst nightmares I bring to life

My favourite music is the symphony of your screams

My favourite gift is violence and strife

My red horns rest like twin cherries on my black head

(and fill your mind with lusciously forbidden thoughts)

my forked tail tickles your senses

before plunging deep into u, twisting till u fall dead

Aaah.. Now don't I hear you begging me to breach your fences??

The ink of blood runs through my clawtooth pen

Beauty and lies are my weapons of lore

So run little kitten as far as u can

my shadow will creep into any safe hole u bore

to say..

hello there..

I am your friendly neighbourhood devil

come to complete my sphere

of untainted evil

PS: Hello everyone!

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