Saturday, February 2, 2008

lucky lips oh yeah!! mmm.... :D :D

hai rama rama ho.. hai more rama.. dil me macha hai kyuuu, koi hungama?
haan ayega koi baahon me leke choomeinga mere ye lucky lips
aye haye.. aha aha aha
aye haiii..

Lol.. well today i was just simply crazy me (for a change ;))

I danced on my bed on "lucky lips" (trust me, my dance on this particular song is legendary in the hostel :D) and had an absolute blast, even though my bed has been creaking rather ominously ever since.. :sigh:

and it didn't stop there, i actually went on to dance on the road, before my friend managed to pull me into the car.. yes i did mention i was crazy

aaah.. there's more.. I sang "turn me on" by KEVIN LYTTLE , completely out of sync, at the top of my voice, with the headphones glued to my ears(so that i couldn't hear everyone else abusing me and telling me to shut up ;) :D)

watched a no-brainer of a movie, but enjoyed myself thoroughly.. was the first time in ages that i spent some no-politics, no-hidden attacks kind of time with my friends.. it is times like these that make me realize, why despite of everything we have gone through, we are all still together..

enjoyed a surprise two-minute-drizzle, right in the middle of the freezing cold..

basically had a for-no-reasons-whatsoever-fun-day

And right now, i just feel alive, comfortable in my own skin for a change, not hiding behind some fantasy for once...
not that i have anything against this little dream bubble that i have created here :) ,
but its just that once in a while its good to be just me..

Well, I guess i don't have any dreams or stories to share with you today.. not my usual kind of post, but somehow just wanted to share this here

of moist lips and smiling tunes
of dancing on the bed and acting like loons
of friendship and its delicate treasures
of life and its precious pleasures

PS: By the way, I can bet anything that no one can do that rotating-hand-and-hip step of lucky lips better than I do :D