Monday, April 14, 2008

Of orange laced shoes

I was a pair of orange laced shoes...
colourful and vibrant
so full of youth
off I go in a careless swagger.. jumping over potholes
slipping and sliding over the road's greying pearls, to touch the peak of a mountain of rubble,
almost toppling off to nothingness.. clawing the trembling sides with my rubbery sole
aaah! and I have made it..
I rest a while.. Swathed in the grey glory of my rumbling kingdom
But I can't stay still now can I?
off I go leaving a furrowed slope in my wake as I breeze off towards a new adventure

What should I do now? hmm... should I go bungee jumping off a window ledge?
or should I go deep water diving in the nearby pond?

hmmm... may be today I'll just go for a walk... discovering new territories to mark as my own.. reveling in the novelty as I savour the touch of each new texture slip under me
A voyage of meaning..

A voyage of discovery..

Uhoh! what's wrong with you dudette? what's with all this philosophizing about life and stuff
just chill and live life as it comes and let it take u places :D
as for now that place would have to be the shoe shop at the end of the street with that sexy pair of red laced shoes.. who just makes my heat go OOH OOH OOH!!! ;) :D

did u hear that.. that thump? yuhoo!!! that's the latest dance no. to hit the stores
so off I go dancing away to glory.. making laces pop and tongues loll with my cool moves and swift turns.. I am loving iiiit :D :D :D