Saturday, March 15, 2008

The fluttering White curtains...

She got up from her bed, closed her eyes and waited for the song to start. As, the subtle beginning strains reached her ears, she raised her hands to feel his clasp them gently. He started by giving her body a gentle turn. She didn’t open her eyes, relying only on the sensations flowing between their bodies to synchronize their steps. The tempo of the song quickened and their dance paced to keep up. They were swirling in a smooth fluid whirlpool.

She felt herself being lifted, high up like a log on a wave crest, left twirling there for what seemed like an eternity, before being washed over to the beach down at his feet. One moment, he was the master, and she his trusting slave, following every command in his touch as she danced to his tune and the next second, she was the unforgiving mistress, driving him mercilessly to the tempo of her absolute ownership.

Her skirt billowed around her, like a fan in full motion as he whirled her out… then wrapped snugly around her legs like the closed petals of a virgin rose, as in one swift motion he twisted her body in.. his hands moving to her waist as her fingertips landed on his shoulders and her toe-tips on his.

The music softened midway and they moved slowly, moulded together. Then, her fingertips slipped over his rippling shoulders and her body moved away from him, but still joined to him by the toes. She let herself hang there, over the abyss, her head thrown back, her hair almost touching the ground, only his hands tightened over her wrists keeping her from going over. And then, in a jiffy, as the music reached its pitch, he had whipped her back from the edge, back into a moving flowing swimming universe.

Their bodies met like two liquids meeting in a mighty splash and then receded into their own corners in the aftermath, as the energy between them, rippled them apart. And then, she was again revolving faster than she ever had, her feet spinning out from her still toe tips. Her arms passed through his hold, like satin flowing out a hole.. till her fingertips met his and the electricity coursing through them, made hers swirl in their wake..

She felt his hand let go and for a moment her blind feet staggered uncertainly… then his hands were at her waist again and the confidence flowed back into her, as he spun her around like clay on a spinning wheel, till she rose gracefully to the crescendo, like an elegant pot rising from the bowl of mud… her hands clasped high above her head. Then, as the universe around them came to a boom and the rhythm crumbled into a million stars raining down, she too crumpled, just as beautifully, to her knees like a ballerina’s final bow, with his hands holding hers above the crown of her lowered head…

As the last strains of the music died, she rose slowly, uncreasing her sweaty pajamas and opened her eyes.. coming back to the empty room around her, still except for the plain white curtains fluttering gently at her window….