Monday, March 31, 2008

Say it with pictures

Recently, bloggerville was taken by storm by Mez's post on crush dedications.

It gave people a chance to express how they felt about their fellow bloggers and earned mez a whooping (and well deserved, for coming up with such a brilliant idea) 269 comments :D

personally I thought it was a lot of fun and spiced up the blogger scene and also added a bit of intrigue to a lot of lives (what with all those guessing games with all the anonymous comments ;) ;) :D)

This post gave me an idea.. since I love using pictures and personally think a picture can sometimes say a lot more than we can ever put into words, so, I have come up with my own version of the crush dedication and with mez's permission(it being an extention of her idea) here it is:
if there is any message you want to send to any doesn't have to be a crush dedication or even something nice.. could be that you are pissed off with someone.. feel free to leave absolutely any kind of message in the comments section of this post
the only thing is this time, use pictures to say what you want to say
Use google or any other source to search for the image you think suits your thoughts or views and leave the link along with the name and link of the blogger you wish to dedicate that image to in the comments section of this post
i'll forward the message to the recipient through their comment sections
of course it will be preferable if you leave your name, but if that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to leave an anonymous comment :)
and yes try to stick to images but if you want to supplement them with a few words you are most welcome
all in all, I hope we all enjoy this little adventure.. I am already soooooo excited
so I guess i'll just shut up and let the pictures do the talking :)
PS: sorry for having had to discontinue writing a daily post on my other blog.. but now I AM BACK WITH MY DAILY POSTS!! :)