Sunday, February 17, 2008


The dark liquid slid down my back.. slow.. luxuriant.. leaving behind its scent and a delicious promise.. taking away a part of me as it flowed down to settle near my feet.
I could still feel the heat coming from it, enticing me to melt and mix with it..

The nuts were next, tumbling like kids on a snow covered mountain, giggling and tickling all the way and then settling with a big splash in the silky swirls of the liquid, still relentlessly making me sway and twirl under its spell
Then came the best part, my little red hat, like a ruby in the sun, my crown of glory, sherry's little cherry and I was ready, to make heads turn and hearts swoon...

Yes, today I was a Hot Chocolate Fudge.. gorgeous, tempting and delicious as hell..
Flirty and flitty all set to melt..
I know I am being a narcissist, but what the hell, I am feeling absolutely ravishing today..
I am on a high.

Naughty and suave.. sweet but with that classic bitter flavour that only chocolate can lay claim to.. I am feeling yummmmmmm :D :D :D