Thursday, January 17, 2008

Green day

Today i was a grasshopper..
green as a leaf right after the first rain
roaming freely through the high high grass
in and out of its shadows... warmed by the gentle slivers of sun light that filtered through

raiding ant hills and tickling the little busybodies, teasing them with my antennae

jumping high and higher still.. climbing to the very tips of the shady blades

aaaah..basking in the winter sun at last...
the drugging doping sedating sun

so off i hopped to the huge red lily by the side of the wall.. lay on its velvety petals and dozed off in its welcoming embrace

i explored and wondered
dreamt and lived
touched and felt
smelled every scent
tasted the wilderness of my world
aaah today i gave freedom a heady kiss
the wild green hopper that i was today..


Ankit Jain said...

hey i would like you to invite to read my blog too

wish to see you soon there ....

Johnny Cigar said...

one question,
is this your first blog?
one compliment,
your blog comes across as belonging to a very technically correct way of writing..
cant believe i am giving such a weird compliment with my own limited knowledge, but you gave that impression.

Eternal Optimista said...

the drugging doping sedating sun

lol.. I never saw anyone using these words to describe sun before. Not that I saw someone imagining herself to be a grasshopper either! ;)
You got some imagination girl.. & an eye for details. It starts with that feeling of childlike innocence and eventually it grows onto you..
Amateur you don't seem to be.
Whose clone are you babay? :x ;) :P

maverick said...

wow..thts a nice piece of writing...amazing amount of creativity :)...good going :)

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for blogrollin, would do the same and welcome to the bloggerville

desh said...

the drugging doping sedating sun

even sun needs to have some good time :)

nice poem, nice blog , lucky grasshopper

Gonecase said...

I wish I was that grasshopper :|
Lovely write

Vandita said...

ure a painter writer in one...
honestly uve got great imagination!!!
pleasure to read...:)

d SINNER!!! said...

"the drugging doping sedating sun"---sounds like the metaphysicals...MY GOD- u have all the talent....

such an awesome description,words...ideas...dreams or a paintin....
dunno what to describe ur scribbles as....

Keep it goin!dream on!(\m/)

freesherry said...

@ankit jain
visited your blog and you are awesome or what
some of the best hindi poetry i have ever read
good work and do post more often

freesherry said...

@johny cigar
well, i wish what u meant by technically correct way of writing
but i think i'll take that as a compliment.
and please do explain what you meant.
and thanks for dropping by

freesherry said...

@eternal optimista
lols.. aaah.. now lets just say i like to see the world from a different perspective :D
and even i can't begin to guess what i might imagine myself to be next..
i just look at something and wonder what it would be like to be it.. guess i have a lot of vella time on my hands :D :D :D
thanks :)

freesherry said...

thanks.. that was really encouraging

freesherry said...

thanks for the honour

freesherry said...

yes, lucky indeed :D
thanks :)

freesherry said...

well, you can be anything you want to be.. just open the doors of your imagination and hop on :)

freesherry said...

paintings have always attracted and fascinated me.. the vividness the colours the beauty the hidden meanings.. they just take my breath away... but since i can't paint(my few attempts ended up looking like muddy disasters on canvas :D)
so i just satisfy myself with painting with words


freesherry said...

@d sinner
lolzzz it was really not that deep, i was just referring to the sleepy effect of the winter sun

and i don't know whether i deserve all those compliments or not but thanks a lot for such encouraging words..i'll definitely try to live upto them