Friday, April 4, 2008

The Clear Glass

A tiny drop of air conditioned sweat trickled down his spine, chilling him to his very extremities.
He felt his hand reach out shakily towards the glass of clear mineral water, reflected shimmeringly in the spotless glasstop of the table facing him like an adversary. He raised it to his lips, taking a single swallow, measured precisely, as if the slightest overdose would kill him.
He slowly lifted his eyes and discreetly studied the man at the other bank of the glass river. He had never seen someone who resembled a wizened lion more. The conservative black suit with razor sharp edges; the immaculate black hair with the slightest tinge of graceful grey, as royal as the wild king's mane; the perfectly groomed beard, matching the authoritarian air to a T; and the gaze.. the gaze that was slashing his self-confidence to ribbons, like a lion's sharpened claws rip their victims to shreds.
"So, Mr. Delvehesh, what makes you think you are the man for this job?" the suited lion asked him in a quiet voice. He gave a start, he had expected a roar. "Err.. sir, well actually..", he stammered
"Yes?" , the gaze sharpened, even as the question was asked in a voice as quiet as the one before.
"Well, I am efficient and, and confident and I would love to do the work you are offering, " he tried valiantly, in a stuttering voice, that sounded so unlike his.
"I am sure you are all these things, but then so are the hundreds of young men standing outside that door. So, why should I chose you and be unfair to them all?", came the question, a subtle strain of mockery entwining with the quiet authority in the voice.
He opened his mouth, closed it again, swallowed and opened it again, but nothing came out.
He knew he couldn't afford to lose this job. He was at his wit's end.
He had gone numb, there was vaccum where his thinking machine of a brain had been a few minutes back.
He went into a sort of fever, losing control of what he was saying as he burst out "sir, well, I ... I am a peoples' person and.. and I can drive and I desperately need this job and I.. i can draw and and I can err.. dance and I am gay, " he clapped his hand over his mouth as he realised what he had just said. Torturously, in that moment of pure humiliation his mind was again crystal clear.
H clearly saw the the rocky grey eyes from across the table flicker for a moment before rippling back into a solid mass.
"That will be all Mr. Delvehesh, you can leave now." He staggered onto his feet weakly and struggled towards the closed door.
"And yes, tell the lady outside to cancel the rest of the interviews.. you are hired as my personal assistant." He whipped around in disbelief, a strange light entering his eyes, only to leave immediately as he saw the lion languishing in the chair, a lazy smile luxuriating on his lips. The penetrating gaze was replaced by a feather, freely roving over his body, marking him its owner's property...
"On second thoughts, you can stay right here and start immediately," the cat purred slowly, stretching himself invitingly...

PS: sorry guys got two examz tomorrow and haven't studied anything till now.. will pakka se reply to all comments 2mrw


maverick said...

u shud ve been a movie script writer...

Vandita said...

omg omg... i could see this too, sherry u ought to write and direct both, this is great work!!

humbldevil said...

the phrase 'glass river' stuck..

nys use of words...

BIG Omi said...

Prepare a winning speech..
This post goes for Oscar's nominations..
Nice post.. you are an adept writer , you successfuly ideated the whole panorama of that interview Hall .. Gosh wonderful stuff..

One thing... what according to ya is the reason that candidate got that job..?

my thinkings going wild...

Gonecase said...

gay thing opening shortly on my blog too :P
Nice one sherry ji :)

Solitaire said...

Why did he get the job? I am not clear.

freesherry said...

you think so???
hmmm tab to i shud give it a try :D

freesherry said...

thansk so much :)

freesherry said...

@Humble devil
thanks i love playing with words

freesherry said...

@big omi
thanks a lot
and as for why he got the job.. its probably a good idea to let ur imagination go wild ;) :D

freesherry said...

thanks and am looking forward to reading your furray into the gay world :P

freesherry said...

try reading it again, especially his outburst

d SINNER!!! said...

nice che...

you amaze me most of the times...

gunj said...

smebdy who has her examz coming up can think of dat 1 is amazing :)

anuj said...

is that a gay stry? :O

i donno if I misunderstood it .. or was it abt honesty .. or just something else ..

but it would have been super funny if he meant that gay thing by saying, 'or you can start over right now'

crasiezt said...

Good one!
But to be honest, the minute Delveshesh said he's gay, I predicted the end:-(
The interviewer's description reminded me of that tiger in "Talespin"!!

crasiezt said...

Oh and I like the picture a lot:-)

freesherry said...

@d sinner
i do??
then I am proud of myself :)
thanku h ji

freesherry said...

I am sure she can :D

freesherry said...

no no u understood it perfectly
it was a gay story and the guy meant exactly what u thought he did

freesherry said...

thanks so much for being so honest
next time i'll pakka se try to surprise you :)
and as for the boss actually, he was exactly who came to my mind while creating the character :D
good guess :)

vEENs said...


and i was thinking. it was sme DON story... he looked c;assic in my head :)


gay :)

not bad.. at all.. u caught me unawares:)

examzz and gay stories .. aheemmm

freesherry said...

I love surprising people and of course I absolutely love getting surprises
chalo I am glad u liked it :D

crasiezt said...

Aajkal sab log meri honesty se bada khush hain:D
So you into animated stuff too?
Waiting for your next post:-)

freesherry said...

acha h.. I like honest people :)
and as for animated stuff.. of course I really enjoy it
what about u?

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey nice post.......
i wish some lady takes my next interview and i can say i m lesbain...lolsss
(i m a boy)...

freesherry said...

what if she is straight?? ;) :P

Ankur said...

cant stop laughing, funny story :P

People's person... guess this is wat they teach when they ask u to grab a sales job, sell urself :P

funny... nice read!!!


freesherry said...

i guess it is
thanks :)

Nona said...

Good words.