Saturday, February 2, 2008

lucky lips oh yeah!! mmm.... :D :D

hai rama rama ho.. hai more rama.. dil me macha hai kyuuu, koi hungama?
haan ayega koi baahon me leke choomeinga mere ye lucky lips
aye haye.. aha aha aha
aye haiii..

Lol.. well today i was just simply crazy me (for a change ;))

I danced on my bed on "lucky lips" (trust me, my dance on this particular song is legendary in the hostel :D) and had an absolute blast, even though my bed has been creaking rather ominously ever since.. :sigh:

and it didn't stop there, i actually went on to dance on the road, before my friend managed to pull me into the car.. yes i did mention i was crazy

aaah.. there's more.. I sang "turn me on" by KEVIN LYTTLE , completely out of sync, at the top of my voice, with the headphones glued to my ears(so that i couldn't hear everyone else abusing me and telling me to shut up ;) :D)

watched a no-brainer of a movie, but enjoyed myself thoroughly.. was the first time in ages that i spent some no-politics, no-hidden attacks kind of time with my friends.. it is times like these that make me realize, why despite of everything we have gone through, we are all still together..

enjoyed a surprise two-minute-drizzle, right in the middle of the freezing cold..

basically had a for-no-reasons-whatsoever-fun-day

And right now, i just feel alive, comfortable in my own skin for a change, not hiding behind some fantasy for once...
not that i have anything against this little dream bubble that i have created here :) ,
but its just that once in a while its good to be just me..

Well, I guess i don't have any dreams or stories to share with you today.. not my usual kind of post, but somehow just wanted to share this here

of moist lips and smiling tunes
of dancing on the bed and acting like loons
of friendship and its delicate treasures
of life and its precious pleasures

PS: By the way, I can bet anything that no one can do that rotating-hand-and-hip step of lucky lips better than I do :D


d SINNER!!! said...

hmmm...thats actually a nice song t get crazy n...n m sure many love that Kevin's number 'Turn me on'...

I like that rap me, love me...trarara (looks like m getting crazy too)

Good to c in a lighter mood...

Keep smilin...

(B/W-wud love to c that movement that u have mentioned in the P.S...wil lrn the step by then..hehehe)

freesherry said...

@d sinner
yeah i guess it is :D
i too love that part :)
you too keep smiling
PS: hehe.. lets c may be someday you'll get the honour of seeing the master at work :D lol just kidding :D

Johnny Cigar said...

seems like i have come across my wacky twin, the first criteria i look for in my dance partners.

freesherry said...

@johny cigar
well i look for a little more talent than just whackiness, in mine :P :P

Sameer Jain said...

this ones really different frm ur other posts...n a bit natural 2...
this craziness is actualy sweet n happens 2 almost 80% f the ppl in this world...
hats off 2 u that u mentioned bout it here...
good work!
keep it up!

Cody Maverick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny Cigar said...

I tend to excel at most of them.

nisha said...

long time i did sumthin like dis...
after readin yr post,i wnt to rewind my life n live those dez again...
have fun...
keep smiling

anuj said...

oh I surely loved u being u ..nd reading it .. its more fun to read d realistic posts .. though the imaginative ones are grt too .. m nt being diplomatic .. bt I guess it was more fun reading this one ..

I do a lot of crazy things too .. bt I aint gonna talk abt it ..

n abt d hand-hip dance .. hehe .. had u nt been a gal i wud have challeged u already :P


Ashu said...

wow........r u in love ? i guessyes big time :))

achanak yeh sab ?

peek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peek said...

hehehehe lovely. keep this craziness all over you for ever
*thats what i wished after reading this post*

..kiss n caress me ;) ...


Ankit Jain said...

well it feels gud to see people express joy n being crazy

loved the way you described it

songs are music truly are souls for people like us and infcat for all humans
take care and have a great life ahead

maverick said...

wooooohoooooooo..tht was nice....i liked the post n loved wat u did...everyone shud b doing this...reminds of the cadbury's ad..where the girl just let herself free on the cricket field...the old amazing ad..way to go :)

J E E V Y said...

lol! nice post there! :D
hehe! and a really nice pic! ;) hehe! :P


umangexuberance said...

lol.. nice post..loved the personal touch and the carefree sound of the post
#queen bee#

freesherry said...

yes i know its very different from my usual posts.
but all my other posts are just as honest as this one was, its just that i love playing with my words and so try to give my feelings a different light

freesherry said...

@johny cigar
now do u?
please do enlist yr many talents and i'll let u know if they fit the bill :D :P

freesherry said...

and you know what.. if you feel like doing it, don't think just do it
take care

freesherry said...

lol.. well those other posts are me too but with a twist :D
U see i started this blog so that i could use my imagination and live my dreams through words.. so i like putting those other kind of posts here.. but don't worry, whenever i have a lot of fun being just me, i'll surely put up a post like this here :D

and as far as the crazy things u do.. please do share them here.. i am curious ;)

and what does not challenging me have to do wid my being a girl?

freesherry said...

God forbid noooooo
i am not in love
lol, whatever made u think of that :D
i mean, i have nothing against love, its just that i have my doubts there would ever be someone crazy enough to fall in love with me..
u c, i am impossible to love or to live with :D :D :D

it was just that i had a good day, was feeling high and decided to share it here

freesherry said...

i can't help it.. i am incorrigibly crazy :D

freesherry said...

@ankit jain
yes you are right
you too have a great life

freesherry said...

i didnt think of that.. hehe
ya it was fun

freesherry said...

thanks and i spent 2 hours searching for the right picture.. glad to know it was worth the effort ;) :D

freesherry said...

thanks queen bee

Ashu said...

waitin for every night post

Keshi said...

those r ur lips? YUMMMMMMMM! nah Im not les but those lips r so INVITING! :)


Ankur said...

were you drunk? :p
just kidding...i know how it is to just breakaway, doin' all that you want, without searching for a reason behind it, going with the flow! one of those "coming back to life" days maybe. :)

freesherry said...

ya will try to write something tonight.. have been a little busy for a change so at the end of the day, it got a little busy to come up with something new and creative..

good to know i am missed.. thanks

freesherry said...

naah i wish they were mine... but they are not.. they are courtesy google :D

freesherry said...

2ankur.. you couldn't have summed it better, it was one of those "coming back to life days"
i mean, i had been feeling almost dead these last few days, life had become so frustratingly monotonous.. so it was good to just break away and do something crazy
and no i was not drunk, though i have been meaning to for sometime.. i really want to see what's it like.. lol :D

anuj said...

oh gals are kinda natural dancers ..gud at dancing n all .. and their twists n turns are quite diff then a guyz moves far as the dance goes .. nd I do admit they are creative and quick-pickers when it comes to new steps .. me .. I am just a quick learner when it comes to dance ..

weird things .. oh well a lot ..but I was only talkin in the dacing context .. like dancing in my closed room when i eternally happy over somthing .. n obviously it would look stupid if I start dancing out of nowhere in the corridor .. hehe .. my frndz wud b ROFL .. hehe ..

freesherry said...

ahaaan.. and i must say you are very good at flattery ;)
yes yes indeed it would look very stupid.. but i guess doing stupid things at times is a lot of fun.. isn't it?? :D

Vandita said...

hmm finally a bit of just u, i love being crazy it so liberatin :)
way to go girl!
PS: i love the song turn me on...great dance number

freesherry said...

and yes it is very liberating