Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dying dance

The soles which had once supported a pair of soft padded feet, are now all worn out and falling off in places.

The once soft satin ribbons, which had wound themselves round legs, softer than silk, are now all ragged and faded.

The shoes, that had once graced brightly lit halls and glided over waxed wooden floors, are today just an old pair of ballet slippers lying neglected in the darkness of a rough unpainted attic.

The memory of every swish and turn they had taken, the magic with which they had once danced is getting cloudy with time.

The applause, which they had come to take for granted, has been replaced by the silence of a forgotten anonymity.

They have come to the point where they fear they may never dance again, and the very thought of it adds another wrinkle to their shredded satin.
They burn with the desire to climb out of their dusty forgotten grave, to face the archlights once again, to move once more like fluid silk across the shining wooden floor, to swish and turn and to take everyone's breath away..
But even as these thoughts slither down their blue roughened surface, they know, that even if they get a chance, they wouldn't be able to hold up, would stumble and make a fool of themselves for the world to see.
They can almost hear the cold cackle of the spectators, witnessing their fall from glory, can almost see the cruel eyes staring at them as they fumbled..

May be some desires are better left to simmer into nothingness.. some lives are better doomed to a dark existence..
So they continue to lie in their little unnoticed corner, forgotten.. fading some more.. dying some more..


miracle child!! said...

I don't know you personally.i never post comments when i read posts and i am very bad at flattery so tell me what should i say so that you are convinced that this is is one of the most blasting post i have ever come across!you are defintiely on my blogroll..even if you dont like it!!
please keep posting such stuff...i am tired of reading gibberish here!this was a refreshing change.

freesherry said...

@miracle child
God! thank you so much
and i am truly honoured to be on you blog roll
i hope i can keep up the refreshing change :)

Anonymous said...

why do u want to retire those shoes who have seen glory and now for lack of time have been going silent ?

why ? why with time few things go meaningless ? why ?

maverick said...

May be some desires are better left to simmer into nothingness.. some lives are better doomed to a dark existence..

i think the human race evolved enough in the last few million yrs to overcome this issue...had u been talkin abt dinosaurs this wud ve made sense...but not to humans :)

d SINNER!!! said...

wud sund like a fairytale but just think....

after years, the door of the unpainted attic opens...a sweet girl enters and when she sees these shoes, her best smile flashes...

she is the new dancing queen...

:)everyone finds their course sooner or ltr...

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Tell the shoes to come out of the closet... bcoz there is a world out there waiting to be adorned..

and ever heard the word "comeback"??

btw.. thanks for blogrolling me.. and keep writing.. must admit.. i havent concentrated so much in reading a post as i did here :)

anuj said...

Oh that was a great peice ..really.

Its quite amazing you know how one feels when left out .. I wish we nevr have to go through this ..

cheese ;)

peek said...

well ..i will always cherish that..i am actually comparing the shoes life with a human being's. and for me how much old s/he gets,the respect and honor never goes.

but a touching post sherry.keep writing


freesherry said...

i guess that's life ashu.. things change situations change and we have to change with them..
we have to remember that nothing lasts forever no matter how hard it is accept at times..
anyway.. thanks and cheer up :)
tc and loads of hugs

freesherry said...

well, i wasn't talking about humans, i was talking about ballet sandals ;)

the post was about past glory and how we change and are scared to once again try and make something of our lives

freesherry said...

@d sinner
you are the fantasy queen :)
but wish life really was a fairy tale.. :sigh:
but again this is a place for dreams and hope.. so i guess i could go along with it
you want to continue the story?
whatsay..? you continue it a little further and then i can.. and we can start a thread kind of thing?

freesherry said...

thank you.. i am honoured to know i could hold your interest

freesherry said...

yes i know how it feels to be left out.. but more than that i know how it feels to leave life out.. and that is what this post is about in a way
thanks and yes i hope u never have to feel this

freesherry said...

@peek.. well what i was talking abou here wasn't really how people perceive you, but how u perceive yourself.. its about our insecurities and fear of failure..


*~*Sameera*~* said...

That was beautiful!You really are so creative to come up with such unique ideas to write about.Keep it up :)

freesherry said...

@sameera.. thank you.. it was an honour coming from someone as talented as you are

Vandita said...

i loved the way u described the shoes...u have a nack for minute observations... and club that with incredible imagination and then we get such great posts...:)

freesherry said...

thanks a lot.. that was really a very big compliment :)