Monday, February 4, 2008

Witch on The moon..

Right now i feel like a witch.
I just feel like getting on my new broom, with its tiny blue stars and wacky handle, and escaping from my hostel window, flying off into the dark wilderness beyond.
I can almost feel the heat rise to my cheeks as the cold hits them like a friendly slap, can almost see my wild black hair getting wilder as they get whipped back behind me by the speedy force, can taste the sweet tears of freedom as the crazy wind makes my eyes stream

What freedom, what joy, what magic, being my own mistress and that of the black kingdom spread out before me.
The whole sky is my domain, its velvety softness passing through my open fingers like liquid silk.
The stars are my soldiers, bowing in my wake as I brhoom past them on my shiny wooden broom.
And what is that below me? Is it a city lit up just for me too see or have the heavens turned on their belly to honour this night flyer?
Its a sight..
From this high up, the roads with their yellow lamps look like narrow streams of gold zigzagging across a city of black coal
The rare car seems like little diamond coated animals going out for their nightly hunt by the side of the stream.
The houses with their still lights are like drops of water from a recent shower still clinging to the ground for their momentary lives.
Its a sight..
and its all mine..
what power, what pleasure, what beauty, what possibility.
I stand there for a while hanging there like a star myself.. the brightest of them all.. the queen.. the witch..
and then off i go rising higher, faster and faster every second, my body flat against that of my broom, my robe billowing out around me.. a bird of prey in flight..
higher i rise than ever before, towards that creamy rocky little crest of the moon.. my shining thrown hung in the sky for all to admire..
I sit there in its smooth rounded chalice, my broom hanging by its sharp edge..
I sit there wondering, pondering, living out every fantasy, and then dreaming up a few more..

I sit on the moon with my magic wand
turning dreams to reality and castles to sand
I sit on the moon lost in thought
free from the world in the haven i had sought
I sit on the moon looking at my world for a while
noting every single tear seeing every single smile
I sit on the moon and wonder about life
would it be heaven or would it be strife
I sit on the moon away from the violence
listening to the music of pure silence
I sit on the moon being wise being clever
I sit on the moon for now for ever..

PS: had this sudden urge to write so put up two posts at the gap of a couple of hours, so please don't forget to check the tag reply below.. hope you like both the posts.. take care


Ashu said...

Wah sherry from a taxi to a ballooon to dancing shoe to a witch now........

yoir creativity and magic is on rise and so is ur freeeeeeeedom.....

love ur freedom gurl. take me along!!!!!

d SINNER!!! said...

take me along too...m sure everybdy wud be tellin u that only...

ok, ok! if space is already booked watch over me from the moon and then smtimes u can just bhrooom thru my window ....and we will chit chat and have fun....

:D smhow i loved this one...the best till now...rather the best from the best!

thnx fr lettin me enjoy that dark sky, which smtimes makes me afraid...

freesherry said...

Thank you.. and i guess i am just spreading my wings and filling my lungs with some fresh dreams :)

and you can come along any time you want.. just close your eyes open your mind and dream along.. give it a try, i am sure you'll feel great.. i was down in the dumps and ever since i started this blog i am alive again.. it is my little hideout

freesherry said...

@d sinner
as i told ashu, you can come along any time too, there is always space for you in my land of dreams :)
and keep your windows open, 'coz u never know when i might decide to drop by for a chat :D
thank you sooo much.. i don't know why, but i fell in love with it even before i put it into writing..

and never be afraid of the dark skies again.. coz it always has a friend looking out for you from her moony thrown

gunj said...

smiles :)

freesherry said...

smiles for u too :)

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

Your imagination has just gotten wilder! :) . .
Keep flying! Wonderful!

freesherry said...

@rahul wild :O
thank you

Vandita said...

this definitely reminded me of HP (harry potter) and now im smiling :)

freesherry said...

did it now??
I love the series
and i am happy it made you smile, it made me laugh out loud at 4 am in the morning and my rumie jump out of her sleep and hit out at me :D

*~*Sameera*~* said...

I agree with Vands,it sure did remind me of HP :)

However,the essence of this post is totally something else!I just love your imagination and the words you use,just magical!Keep it up!

freesherry said...

and yes the essence was quite different.. in fact it was vands here who made me thinkj of HP.. actually it was while i was searching for the lyrics of the song "witchy woman" to put up on my blog that the idea struck me and i had this sudden urge to write this

Reeta Skeeter said...


freesherry said...

@reeta thanks :)