Tuesday, April 8, 2008


A BIG THANK YOU!!! to all those who woke up at 6:30 in the morning for my little party.. you guys are absolute darlings

Thanks for making it such a success and giving such a rocking start to my day

I hope you guys had fun too :)

and for those who couldn't make it.. don't worry

we'll hold another one soon (and at a more reasonable time for sure :D )

so adieu and take care


gunj said...

i was gettin ready fo college!!:(
nxt time keep it in d evenin!

freesherry said...

yes yes
we'll keep it at night :)

Anonymous said...

it was gr8!!!.. with maverick music..n ur n geet's dance ...and al l the free booze...:-)...when is the next one ???

Impressionist said...

U better keep it at a proper time next time!


humbl devil said...

are thnx toh hum logon ko bolna chahiye...
you came up with such a nice idea!!!

humbl devil said...

already posted a thnku post...

geet said...

thanks to all to join the party... sherry ...mat rakhna subah subah next time :)... else ppl will kill me :P

A BiG HUG to you Sherry !!!

maverick said...

lol..good job sherry..enjoyed it :)

freesherry said...

u forgot to mention ur and sol's ball dance :P :P :P
hehe.. soon.. may be next week :)

freesherry said...

pakka ji..aapse puch ke rakhenge is bar time :)

freesherry said...

@humble devil
arre u guys really made my day
and thanks for the post
I am glad i could cheer u up :)
tc ab khush khush rehna not sad sad

freesherry said...

don't worry, we'll figure something out the next time :)
glad u had fun
*big waala hug to u too*

freesherry said...

thanks :)
it was great to have u playing the DJ :D

dRoZzY!!! said...

if orgot to mention your name on the latest post... its atag,
you are on too

and i shall blogroll you

freesherry said...

thanks a lot for tagging me and
blogrolling me...but i have already done this tag

have blogrolled u too :)

Solitaire said...

thank you sherry!!

Samby, did not even mention me. :(

freesherry said...

u r most welcome
ole ole
dnt worry guys never mention the girls they actually like publicly ;) :D
so cheer up :)

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

missed your party!!

nex time keep me posted!

hee hee

John F said...

Thanks for so brutally ignoring my offer of help :D

Hope you guys had fun!

freesherry said...

@friendly next door guy.. sure i'll let u know :)

freesherry said...

@john f
what offer??
I am really sorry if i missed something :(